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Each training is designed to cater for the

  • general public
  • corporate companies
  • organizations
  • learning institutions

The topics range from

  • improving general day-to-day living experiences
  • personal growth
  • understanding and managing various types of mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, trauma, etc.

The past events that we had organized before included:

  • Integrating Spirituality in Trauma Counselling
  • CBT training (in Mandarin)
  • Step Up Step Out
  • Dance/Movement Therapy trial workshop
  • Stress management
  • Art of resilient
  • Behavioural Management Made Easy
  • Introduction to ABA
  • Lazy, Naughty, or Not Ready
  • Notion to Emotion
  • Positive Parent, Happy Child
  • School Transition
  • Learning Style Effective Learning
  • Crisis Intervention

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