Meet Our Therapist

Area of Interest/Specialization:

  • Choice Theory Reality Therapy
  • Jungian Psychotherapy
  • Social Identity Development
  • Relationship Development
  • LGBTQ+
  • Christian Healing & Counselling
  • Jungian Based Sand Tray Therapy
  • Insight Based Therapy
  • COPE cards
  • Language:
    – English
    – Mandarin

Registered & Licensed Counsellor (KB06013 PA05431)

Dr. Joshua Ng Joo Hou

Registered & Licensed Counsellor
Choice Theory Reality Therapy Certified Practitioner
MSc (Social & Organisational Psychology), University of Exeter, UK
PhD (Social & Environmental Psychology), University of Exeter, UK

Dr Joshua Ng Joo Hou is a registered and licensed counsellor under LEMBAGA (Malaysia) and certified in Choice Theory Reality Therapy (William Glasser Institute International). When helping clients, he mainly practices Choice Theory Reality Therapy and Jungian Psychology. He is well-versed in English and Mandarin language. The age ranged of his clients are between age 10 to 45 (individual, couple, family and group counselling), of different ethnicities (e.g., Chinese, Malay, European), religions (e.g., Buddhist, Christian, Catholic, Sunni, Shia), and nationalities (as he travels to and fro Malaysia, Singapore and the UK). He has 12 years of counselling experience, including LGBTQ+ population. As a PhD holder (social and environmental psychology), he lectures at IMU University, teaching modules such as social psychology, multi-cultural counselling, and counselling skills. He also won the Silver Award at International Counselling Convention 2022 for Innovative Project in Career Counselling – Life and Dice, which is the exploration of one’s social identity, career environment and career progression, in a realistic and detailed manner.

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