Meet Our Therapist

Area of Interest:
– Teaching enhancement
– Learning related issues
– Educational research
– Motivation
– Curriculum development

– English
– Chinese (Mandarin)
– Bahasa Malaysia

Education Psychologist
Education Consultant
Speaker/ Trainer

Dr. Teoh Hee Chong

Phd Eduication Psychology

Dr. Teoh specializes in Education Psychology and has many years of experiences in teaching and providing his services as a lecturer and counselor in various higher education institutions and secondary schools. He was also appointed as the Head of Curriculum Department in the United Chinese School Committees’ Association of Malaysia. Currently, he works as a part-time lecturer in several colleges/universities such as Wawasan Open University (WOU) and Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TARUC), teaching educational related subjects. In addition to that, Dr. Teoh provides trainings to educator in independent Chinese schools and organized various camps and workshop for students and youth all around the country. When he is not lecturing or providing talks, Dr. Teoh conducts educational research. Some of his works were being published in The International Journal of The Humanities, American Journal of Applied Psychology and Journal of Educational and Social Research.

Dr. Teoh has high interest in youth issues, and is highly involved in organizing camp and workshop related to youth activities. His areas of specialties in public lecture are on life education, motivation, and parenting styles. At InPsych, Dr. Teoh provides consultation to parents, teachers and youths on education related issues such as how to improve learning, identifying learning strengths and weaknesses, managing exam stress and improving learning motivation.

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