Female Contraceptions

A pilot study on the functional performance and acceptability of an innovative female condom (Wondaleaf®) in Malaysia

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Anxiety is a normal response to threat or stresses caused by an internal or external trigger. It works as an alarm system to alert us of a perceived danger. However, anxiety becomes a disorder when it was prolonged or excessive. Let’s find out more…

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Do you feel that your anger is out of your control at times and it becomes devastating to your life? Anger is like a fire which burns all your efforts into ash. Each person experiences anger in different levels, even though given a similar situations. Some people are better at managing their anger than others to prevent a chaos happen. So what are some of the strategies in managing anger?

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7 ways to pursue happiness

Chasing the dark clouds away and countering those lousy feelings isn’t all that easy. Whether we are grieving the death of a loved ones, lost a job, or feeling rejected, we all have moments where we feel stuck, when all hope seems lost

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