Meet Our Therapist

Area of Interest:
– Hypnotherapy (Phobias, Addiction, Trauma)
– Personality
– People skills development
– Coaching
– Goal setting & Habits

– English
– Chinese (Mandarin)

National Hypnotherapists’ Register of Malaysia Membership


Clinical Hypnotherapist (16-PM-121)

Ng Zhi Kuan

Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology)

Zhi Kuan provides individual therapy for people with emotional, cognitive and behavioral issues. He has been working with people from a wide age range who are facing issues such as phobia, anxiety, emotional break down and other mental health related issues. Through his hypnotherapy skills, he is able to guide people to look into the root cause of the issues that lie in their subconscious. From there, people will be able to work with their issue and improve more effectively and efficiently.

Apart from Hypnotherapy, Zhi Kuan is also a licensed Leonard Personality Inventory (LPI) Trainer. He provides personality related training/ coaching for students in University and working adults. Throughout the years of working with adult, he discovered that many adult’s issues are significantly related to their childhood experience. Therefore he also spent years in working with children and parents. These experiences inspired him to focus on family system, where he believes parenting and childhood education could significantly influences the world. He speaks both English and Mandarin.

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