Online Consultation

Online Psychological Consultation

Online consultation via video/Audio call. Available for individual and couple session.

Finding it hard to attend your therapy session consistently? Online consultation might just be the thing you need to ease your access to your session. Conducted via online platform (e.g. Zoom, Skype)

Psychological Consultation Online

Online consultation via video call and phone call. Available for individual and couple session.

Find it hard to consistently attend the counselling session. Online consultation might just be the thing you need for consistent follow up and continuation of the counselling session.

Online Consultation

Therapy can be done via online; stay home and stay connected!

tele-psychology, tele-counseling, online therapy, online counseling, video consultation – the many names to the same form of service.


  • Your own private space to attend the therapy session.
  • No make-up/suit-up required
  • Therapist talk to you 1-to-1, providing a personal space to address your issue.
  • Individual Counselling (for more information)


  • Therapist attend to you and your partner together or separately. Based on the issue and condition.
  • Couple/Marriage Counselling (for more information)

Online Consultation Can Address:


In any circumstances, due to all possible reason (geographical distant, accident, human disaster, lack of resources). 


Due to work/study/life commitments, restricted timing, time management issues.


More availabilities when therapist and client get to dial in from their respective place.


Not to worry if coming out makes you anxious. You can access therapy at your own space while your therapist helps you address this fear in therapy.

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