Meet Our Therapist

Area of Interest:
– Life transitions, Stress and Coping
– Intimacy relationship, couple and marital
– Emotional awareness and regulation
– Self-growth and self awareness
– Depression & Anxiety

– English
– Chinese (Cantonese & Mandarin)
– Bahasa Malaysia

Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia Registration No. 

KB03637 PA02914

Registered Counsellor (KB03637 PA02914)

Soh Teng Kuann

Master of Social Science (Counselling Psychology)
Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology)
Teng Kuann is a counsellor who provides mental health counselling for teenagers, adults, couples and families. He also co-founded InPsych Psychological & Counselling Services. He is a registered counsellor with the board of counsellor Malaysia, LKM (Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia). He provides individual, couple and group counselling for clients with mental health concerns, career, relationship, family and life crisis. Since 2012, Teng Kuann has been practicing counselling as a registered counsellor. He has served clients from all walks of life in his practices, including secondary school students, college and university students, working adults, couple with romance and marrital issues, and refugees. He is also actively providing trainings on self-development and psychological wellness as he believes one will live a better and meaningful life if the knowledge is learned during this stage of life.

Teng Kuann is mainly trained in Humanistic-Existential Therapy approaches. He also focused in family and couple therapy which he emphasized the experiential process of self-awareness and self-acceptance of individual.

As a speaker or trainer in his event, Teng Kuann uses humour and real-life examples to help participants reach an awareness of self and work towards change. His years of experience in counselling work enable him to engage with participants from different backgrounds and cultures. His aim in providing training is to assist people aware and understand that we are capable of creating changes and experience life fully.

Expertise/ Strength
•Helping people to work through difficulties in their life and making changes that they wanted.

•Facilitating interaction between individuals in group to foster group dynamic, cohesiveness and growth.
•Working through difficult issues with relevant and achievable steps by attending to emotions and thoughts.
•Administer and interpret psychological assessments tools for personal growth & career development.

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