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The Hero's Journey

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" Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors, where there were only walls. "

– Joseph Campbell

Our lifetime is a journey… During our journey, we encounter interesting experiences which we use to form belief systems with which we navigate our lives and make us who we are today.

The Hero’s Journey is based on Joseph Campbell’s realization that mythologies around the world seem to carry a predictable pattern of inspiring Journey. It is the journey that each one of us takes when we decide to follow a calling of our heart or to reach a life goal. It requires us to take risks and the willingness to go through various challenges, for the sake of reaching the goal or calling. In doing so, we are transformed through the process. If we are successful, we then are able to bring back and share the valuable lessons learned during the process.

What is in this workshop?

In this workshop we will first explore the archetypes of the Hero and the Saboteur and then the stages of the Hero’s Journey, through the creative and experiential and creative method used in Dramatherapy, with the aim of being inspired to begin or continue the process of being the Hero of our lives.

** Activities such as movements, voice projections, role play, acting and story making will be used in this workshop. E-cert of attendance will given to participant with full attendance only

Aim of the workshop

Self -empowerment

To become aware of the Hero within

To enables one to reach within and activate one’s hidden potentials of rising above challenges faced in reaching one’s goals/ calling

To feel inspired to act toward one’s aspirations

To investigate a sense of hope

To have fun in the process!

Workshop Outline

DAY 1 , 4th December 2021 , 2-6pm

1. Introductions

2. Warm up activity (involves physical movements)

3. The Hero and the Saboteur

4. Short Break (10 minutes)

5. The Archetypes

6. Group Processing

7. Discussion and Q & A

8. Feedback

9. Closure

DAY 2 , 5th December 2021 , 2-6pm

1. Summary of the previous day session

2. Warm up activity

3. The Hero’s Journey – Main activity

4. Break

5. Group Performances (Yes, it’s possible online 😉

6. Group Processing

7. Discussion and Q & A

8. Feedback

9. Closure

Platform: ZOOM


Ms. Vanitha Chandrasegaram


MA Dramatherapy (Hertfordshire, UK) ; MSc Psychology (Pittsburg State, USA) ; Member of NADTA(North American Drama Therapy Association)

In the last seventeen years, as a dramatherapist, she has been using creative arts in the therapeutic context and to empower others. Her experience as a dramatherapist includes working in the UK and Malaysia in various settings, from a private college, NGOs, corporate organizations, private practice to mental hospital. She has worked with clients from those who face various life challenges to clients with mental health issues, from ages three to ninety. She has conducted workshops and trainings internationally in countries such as Iceland, Australia, India and Lebanon and presented in international conferences in the UK, US and Malaysia. She has published articles in professional journals in the UK, in books and articles on psychotherapy and mental health for a local health magazine. Her current focus is working with adults who are experiencing anxiety and depression. Vanitha is also a certified and experienced yoga instructor and incorporates yoga stretches, breath work and mindfulness practice in her work as a dramatherapist. Her work integrates all components of a person’s being – mind, body, emotions and spirit for holistic wellness.

Who is suitable for this workshop?
Look at the 3 items below

**This is not a dramatherapy skills workshop, this is a self growth and wellness workshop for all adult to experience growth via interventions used in dramatherapy.


Adult - 18 year old and above


Workshop is conducted in English


To experience self growth


Group of 2 and above

17 November 2021 onward
RM 250
/ person

Early Bird Group of 2 and above

Before 17 November 2021
RM 215
/ person

Early Bird Individual

Before 17 November 2021
RM 250
/ person


17 November 2021 onward
RM 285
/ person

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The Hero's Journey Online Workshop

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