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Area of Interest:
– Depression & Anxiety
– Mental Health Issues
– Stress

– English
– Tamil

Dramatherapist (Currently Not Available For Session)

Vanitha Chandrasegaram


Ms. Vanitha Chandrasegaram is the pioneer in the field of Dramatherapy (Creative Arts Therapy) in Malaysia. Her interest in using arts as means of personal development and healing, stems from her background in Dance and Psychology, and had inspired her to pursue a second Master’s degree, in Creative Arts Therapy (specifically Dramatherapy) in the UK. Vanitha is the Founder & Director of Integrative Creative Movements (previously known as Creative Movements) established to develop and facilitate creative arts therapy and dramatherapy training/workshops locally and internationally, to facilitate dramatherapy group and individual sessions, to conduct assessments for therapy and many more.

Her international work experiences include working in the UK, USA and currently in Malaysia as a Consultant Dramatherapist, dancer/choreographer, dance teacher, lecturer and trainer. Vanitha is a member of the North American Association of Drama Therapy (NADTA), USA.

Vanitha uses creative arts as tools for healing, performing, developing and rediscovering the self with positive outcomes. Her clients range from age 3 to 90, who faces various challenges ranging from lack of self-esteem and confidence, behavioural, emotional, mental health, relationship, abuse and other life challenges. Her energy is positive and contagious and her sessions and workshops usually inspire ‘aha’ (sudden realization) moments, which are brought upon by the experiential, creative, and fun methods she uses in her work. The process enables participants to address and work through difficult life challenges, tap into their creativity, be enthusiastic and inspire them to take the action needed to positively transform their lives, while having fun!

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