Integrated Therapy

Increasing Your Effectiveness In Clinical Session

3 Days In-Person Workshop

Workshop Details

Dates: 2023 March 1, 2, & 3

Time: 9am- 5pm

Venue:  The Pearl Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Trainer: Professor Emeritus Louis Downs, PhD

Organiser: InPsych Psychological Services & Training

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But increasingly, Integrated Therapy has begun to improve outcomes from psychological counselling as it becomes more sophisticated. Research consistently shows evidence of dramatic improvement in prognosis for clients who attend psychotherapy with clinicians who have integrated several theory bases into their session. Integrated Therapy requires a clear understanding of theoretical conceptualizations of client attitudes and issues beyond mere diagnosis, a wealth of skills sets acquired from study and practice of multiple theories and increased intuitive response to the expressions the client offers as clues to attitudes and deeper issues. Research also suggests that client responses to integrated theory deal with deeper problems than those presented, including personality and temperament.

Professor Emeritus Louis Downs, PhD, who has practiced Integrated Therapy since the early 1990s as well as taught and supervised counselling psychology students and clinicians the art of Integrated Therapy since 1995, will bring his extensive experience to the workshop.

Dr. Louis Downs talks about this workshop
Learning Objectives

This workshop will begin with a philosophical and clinical orientation to the breadth and skills of Integrated Therapy. Subsequently, Dr. Downs will open an extensive, in-depth discussion with participants about the use in practice of the varied skills used as Integrated Therapy.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • To apply theoretical conceptualizations of client’s attitudes and issues beyond a diagnostic framework. 

  • A wealth of skills sets acquired from study and practice of multiple theories to increased your intuitive responses & creativity in therapy

  • The practice of the varied skills used for Integrated Therapy

  • How to increase your effectiveness in clinical sessions


We want you to have an effective learning experience from this workshop! Therefore, you are required to complete a Learning Style Inventory upon registration. Link to the inventory will be provided upon confirmation of registration.

Do come prepared with memory of sessions with clients that were difficult and be prepared NOT to do case presentations! Instead, we will be  discussing the dynamics of those sessions; you should also be prepared to role play your clients whenever it is important to model the intuitive skill sets in action.

What to Expect

You can expect to take a more refined and functional understanding with you at the end of the workshop, with accompanying insights into different ways to focus a therapeutic conversation beyond the initial presentation by your clients.

Dr. Louis Downs

Emeritus Louis Downs 教授,博士,开始了他的咨询生涯。在获得临床心理学理学硕士学位后,他在心理健康社区担任心理治疗师,专门研究儿童疾病、成人恐惧症和焦虑症、药物滥用,并在法律体系内与监狱假释者和缓刑者一起工作。

意识到对技能的需求超出了学术界提供的技能,他在 Donald Meichenbaum 博士的指导下学习了认知行为疗法,在 Erving Pollster 博士的指导下学习了格式塔疗法,在 William Glaser 博士的指导下学习了现实疗法,在 Bill O'Hanlon 的指导下学习了以解决方案为中心的治疗,在Richard Kluft 博士,并获得了 Milton Erickson 研究所的催眠证书。他还被认证为交易分析治疗师、游戏和沙滩治疗师、被认证为冒险顾问,并被红十字会认证为紧急心理健康专家。

During his studies to obtain a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Counseling Psychology, he was introduced to the new field of Integrated Therapy: an approach that empirical studies was revealing significantly more effective and long-lasting outcomes than single model therapies. For the past 27 years of a 40-year career in counseling and psychotherapy, Prof Downs has applied, taught, and clinically supervised integrated therapeutic techniques. He brings his extensive experience and expertise to professional counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals in Southeast Asia to enhance their own clinical effectiveness.

RM 1350 per person
  • 3 days 9am-5pm
  • 1 lunch and 2 tea break daily
  • Attendance Certificate
  • CPD points
  • Handouts
Registration Fee and Cancellation Policy

1.     Registration will be closed on 25th Feb 2023.

2.     No cancellations will be accepted. If you are unable to attend, a substitute participant is welcome at no extra charge by informing us in writing 1 week before the program. The substitute participant is required to fill-in the registration form.

3.     In the unlikely event of program cancellation by the organizer, we will provide a full refund. The organizer assumes no liability for any incidental costs that a participant might incur as a consequence of a program cancellation.

Tentative Workshop Flow (At A Glance)

时间 1 March 2 March 3 March
0900-1030 Introduction & Foundation of Integrated Therapy Q&A from Day 1,
Attending to presence,
Deepening session.
Q&A from Day 2
Added skills from various psychotherapeutic models, applicable to integrated therapy effectiveness
1030-1100 Break Break Break
1100-1230 Underlying principles & skills used Role Play – practices skills: Attending and deepening
Video of session using Integrated Therapy
Debriefing and discussion
1230-1330 Lunch Lunch Lunch
1330-1500 Myths and barriers to effective use of integrated therapy Blending important theory bases. Gathering awareness and understanding of important session dynamics and client characteristics from the various theorical insights into client problem fortifications (i.e., resistance to change, fear of self-awareness, dearth of motivation) Practice session – role play: further skills in deepening and various models
1500-1530 Break Break Break
1530-1700 Attending to flow of session, identifying resistance, client’s presence in therapeutic process Recording therapy session viewing and debriefing
Further skill sets dealing with issues of developing dynamics to deepen sessions
Dealing with resistance.
Role-play in dealing with resistance

This Program tentative is subjected to change by organizer and/or trainer with or without prior notice.

3 Full Days March 1, 2, 3

时间 9 am - 5 pm

Venue The Pearl Hotel, KL

CPD Points from Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) - Ministry of Health Malaysia - 15 Points

For those practitioners stated below that attend and complete the 3-day in-person workshop, will obtain a total of 15 CPD points.

  1. 临床心理学家
  2. Psychologist (Counselling & General)
  3. Registered Medical Practitioner
  4. Speech-Language Therapist
CPD Points from Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia (LKM) - Board of Counsellors Malaysia - 6 Points

For registered and licensed counsellor (K.B. P.A.) that attend and complete the 3-day in-person workshop.

6 Mata – Komponen Ilmu dan Kemahiran 2 (6 Points – knowledge and skills component 2)

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